jarAt The Happy Café, the first customers on the scene are usually those hankering for one of more of Sue’s famous caramel cakes, which range in size from mini (smaller than cupcake, the next size up) to 16 inches in diameter. Sue prepares other cakes as well, including those with chocolate and lemon icing, but the caramel cakes are by far the most popular. The Happy Café sells hundreds of them every year.Inspired by her grandmother’s baking, Sue created the recipe and makes every cake from scratch. She designed the caramel icing to go on hot and set up on its own without having to add any extra ingredients. To witness Sue piping or spreading hot caramel on a fresh slab of warm cake is to witness a thing of ingenuity and beauty. Whether or not one fully appreciates the ins and outs of the skill involved, no one can deny how good the cake is. The flavor of the caramel from the first bite onward is deep and rich, the perfect way to end a perfect meal.On any given day, as customers finish their lunches, Sue works her way around the room, cutting out little squares of caramel sheet cake with a knife for people to pick up and enjoy, compliments of the house. “These are our version of after dinner mints,” she says. And off she goes, attending to customers whose waving hands signify a desire not to be left hanging.