1. Happy Easter Brunching

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    3 things you need to increase the “happy” at your table this Easter

    Pimento Cheese
    Caramel Cake

    Easter is an exciting time – the days are getting longer and the air is getting warmer. Family may visit for the first time since winter and the children are playing outside collecting eggs in their bright colored dresses and church shoes. It’s a great time to sit around the table with spirits lifted and enjoy good food together. We’re here to help! Below are three dishes that can be picked up in minutes from inside our doors. We’ll have it ready and waiting for you so you can enjoy more time with your family.

    1. Pimento Cheese Dip – Its not only a southern staple, it’s a family tradition and a crowd favorite. Those of you from around this area know there is a difference between good and great pimento cheese. Stop by and grab a tub – you’ll quickly recognize the difference.
    2. Casseroles – These are great for feeding large quantities of people and require minimum effort on your part. We will have several options like White Chicken Lasagna and Chicken Orzo waiting for you to choose from when you walk in! When the food is ready faster, every one is a happy camper.
    3. Caramel Cake – These are sure to make every person around your table beam with excitement the second you bring this desert to the table! You may need to even buy two!

    We want to wish you and your family a Happy Easter. If you’d like help with Easter Brunch, call us at 803-787-8411 to place your order.

  2. Happy New Year!

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    The holidays mean visitors, cooking, opening gifts, traveling and more cooking! The start of January usually brings a slower pace for most people as Winter really sets in, the temperatures drop and everyone is recuperating from the holidays. If you’re like most, you spent quite a bit of time in your kitchen between November and December basting turkeys, rolling out pie crust, and putting dinner rolls in the oven.

    In January, we invite you to let us do some weeknight cooking for you, while you rest and relax. Give us a call and let us provide a soup, casserole, or pasta salad to add to your dinner menu one night. We’ve also got tasty treats that make the perfect dessert. Our sweets are also perfect for your next girls night!

    As a family owned business, we understand the importance of slowing down and spending time with your family. Although the holidays pass by quickly, we hope that the start of a new year gives you ample time to stop and reflect on 2016 and look ahead with anticipation for 2017 and the memories waiting to be made with your family. We hope that this new year brings you health and happiness, and maybe even a few new recipes you can add into your dinner time rotation! HappyCafe_NY2016graphic

  3. DIY Ornament

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    If there’s one thing we love more than good food, it’s the holidays! Christmas is one of our most favorite seasons for many reasons: the baking, spending time with family and of course DECORATING! We love decking the halls with all of our garland, wreaths and Christmas trees. This season, we thought it would be fun to make a few of our own ornaments and invite you to take part in an easy DIY craft with your children or grandchildren after filling up on a delicious lunch at Happy Cafe!
    To make your own special ornament, follow these easy directions:
    • Use a clear ornament and take off the top:2441748a-621d-4cd5-97f1-5e867cbbe60c
    • Scribble down a few things your family is thankful for this Christmas – bonus points if you use a festive, holiday paper. Put the paper inside the ornament.e8b26b6b-f330-43fa-86b0-84a9f955d126

    Have a great Holiday season!


  4. Alleviate Stress This Thanksgiving

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    The kids are running around the kitchen, the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade is blaring on the TV, the dogs are barking as more and more family members start to arrive and, oh no, you smell something burning. Not the bread again! If you’ve been in this situation, like us, doesn’t that just make you giggle as that familiar picture is painted in your head?

    Don’t get wrapped up in all the stress of cooking and preparing Thanksgiving dishes and miss out on all the time you have over the holiday to spend precious moments with family. This Thanksgiving, we’re offering several casseroles that will alleviate a large amount of holiday stress. So stop worrying about burning the rolls and read through our homemade, organic, pre-made items below:

    • Plain or Cheese Biscuits
    • Tomato Pies
    • Chicken BBQ
    • Caramel Cakes

    If your mouth is watering and you’re dreaming of a stress-free holiday, that only means one thing: our casseroles are for YOU! Give us a call before the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to reserve your Thanksgiving meal, casserole or side dishes today! We can’t wait to provide your family with the recipes we’ve grown up eating and hope we can be a part of your new traditions this season! From everyone at the Happy Cafe, Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. A Fresh, New Look!

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    If you’re one of our regulars, having the store close down for a few weeks in July was borderline unbearable. It was equally as hard for us to close down the Cafe and not do what we love on a daily basis – serving our community with our favorite, homemade recipes! The short period we were closed was of course for a good reason. We had the opportunity to do a little remodeling here and have loved all the updates! During the remodel, we extended the wall to the kitchen, giving more space for an additional sink and allowing us to have separate preparation areas for the Cafe food and the Cafe deserts and Sue’s famous caramel! We also added a bar area with a small window on the side for guests to get a behind the scenes peek at the kitchen preparation!





    We hope you love our new look and would be thrilled if you invited a few friends for lunch to see the new space!

  6. Summer: The season of picnics

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    Whether it’s a date night or a lunch outing with kids, picnics never tire of their nostalgic memories. At The Happy Cafe, we encourage picnics to the fullest. If you can’t stay, chat and eat at our cafe, we understand what a busy schedule can hold you back from. That’s why we have sandwich filings and sides conveniently made into to-go sizes. Not sure where to go? Here are a few suggestions around Columbia:

    The Riverwalk
    A beautiful scene with one of Columbia’s oldest natural features: The Congaree River!
    Sesquicentennial State Park
    A Sandhills hot-spot, “Sesqui” is a 1400-acre spacious, green getaway perfect for an afternoon picnic.
    Congaree National Park
    Complete with a large forest, hiking trails and creeks for canoeing and fishing, Congaree National Park is a perfect option for a full afternoon of outdoor fun and a beautiful backdrop for your picnic!

    So give us a call, reserve your sides and fillings and plan a beautiful picnic for this Summer: (803) 787-8411. Be sure to tag us in your photos so we can know where you like to picnic!

  7. Happy Mother’s Day!

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    I have so many fond memories with my mother but one is when she passes her passion for food to my children. My middle daughter, Eliza, loves to cook and especially loves to cook with Nana. Mom has shown Eliza how to make her homemade buttermilk biscuits. I don’t even know how to make them! I hope Eliza teaches me one day.


    Working along side my mother is great. I’ve learned all I know from her. She taught me early on how to cook with your senses. Is the dish appealing to the eye? What herbs and spices are needed for
    the recipe to smell right? Do the ingredients meld together and enhance a recipe? All of these should make the dish taste right.
    Mom and I love working together. We are a good balance for the cafe. We know when to give into each other’s needs. A work relationship is always a working relationship. You learn day by day how to make the next day better.
    The Cafe is an extension of our family as well as those who work there. I would not have been able to balance work and home as well as I do with out our incredible staff. We support each other, motivate each other and love each other like a family. When we leave the cafe our focus is on our own family. God has blessed us all.
    One of the joys of being a mom is watching my children figure out life. Even at young ages all four of them have different wants, needs and aspirations and I feel that it’s our job to send them is those directions as confident, loving individuals. They make me proud.

  8. Hot, healthy meals for the on-the-go family

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    Life as an on-the-go mom is hard — between car pool lines and sports and music lessons, there’s not much time to sit down and plan a healthy meal for the family, let alone take time to prepare it. Wouldn’t it be easy for a meal to be hot and ready waiting to be picked up? And wouldn’t it be an added bonus to have healthy, organic and hormone-free ingredients? As moms ourselves, we know how our schedules change each day and planning dinner takes up a large chunk of time. That’s why we’re offering hot and ready to eat casseroles in the month of February. All you have to do is call to reserve them the day before of or day of and pick them up between 5:30 and 7pm. Don’t forget to add in a salad and caramel cake for added deliciousness! Let us help alleviate your busy schedule with a hot, healthy meal that can be shared at your table – call us today: (803) 787-8411. 



  9. Skip the cooking hassle this Christmas!

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    Why ordering pre-made meals is a must for Christmas 2015:
    • Obviously, it cuts down on your holiday party prep. Now, you’ll be able to focus on cleaning around the house, styling your gorgeous dinner table, and making sure all your guests have RSVP’d for the best celebration of the year! Don’t get bogged down with cooking recipes from scratch, which can take all day – come in and grab our to-go meals and sides with easy cooking instructions!
    • Put more emphasis on your family this season. When you’re tied up in the kitchen, you have less time to spend with your family during one of the most important times of the year. For the average family, guests and other family members will be coming to your home this holiday season from out of town and chances are, you don’t get to see them very often. Don’t spend their entire vacation in the kitchen – grab to-go meals that can cook as you catch up on the memories they’ve created over the past year.
    • No more guessing! Our portions are carefully measured out and we can recommend what you’ll want to buy for any number of guests. We’ve all been there – your portions came out too small and guests are left wanting more. Don’t guess – let us recommend the perfect amount for you and yours!
    This Christmas, we’ll be taking orders until December 19th and are offering the following for order: Caramel, Chocolate, and Lemon Cakes; Chicken BBQ; Plain, Cheese, and Cinnamon Biscuits; Mac and Cheese; and Caramel Icing by the pint! Call us at 787-8411 to order yours today!

  10. A Spin on a Classic: Fun Fall Caramel Memories

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    Fall is full of family time, good food, and making memories that warm your heart as the cold weather approaches. This season, we think you should have all of those things in one delicious activity! Whether you have little ones running around or need a fun date night to spruce up the normal routine, this activity is for all ages and skill levels: A caramel apple bar with Sue’s famous caramel!
    Swing by and get a tub of homemade caramel from The Happy Cafe before you pick up your apples and ingredients. We chose granny smith and gala apples for a sweet and tangy variety! We also chose some of our favorite toppings: M&M’s, crushed walnuts, mini marshmallows, and crushed heath bar. You can choose any nut, seed or candy that tickles your fancy!
    2015-09-10 11.11.28After laying out the ingredients, cutting up the apples, and warming up Sue’s homemade caramel, it’s time to dip the apples into the warm and delicious caramel before sprinkling on your toppings.
    The next step is simple, but the most important instruction: enjoy the giggles from your children as they spill the caramel on the counter, laugh with your friends over the stories you tell while crushing up your ingredients, and love the opportunity you have to spend time with the ones you love the most during this yummy fall activity.