Happy New Year!

The holidays mean visitors, cooking, opening gifts, traveling and more cooking! The start of January usually brings a slower pace for most people as Winter really sets in, the temperatures drop and everyone is recuperating from the holidays. If you’re like most, you spent quite a bit of time in your kitchen between November and December basting turkeys, rolling out pie crust, and putting dinner rolls in the oven.

In January, we invite you to let us do some weeknight cooking for you, while you rest and relax. Give us a call and let us provide a soup, casserole, or pasta salad to add to your dinner menu one night. We’ve also got tasty treats that make the perfect dessert. Our sweets are also perfect for your next girls night!

As a family owned business, we understand the importance of slowing down and spending time with your family. Although the holidays pass by quickly, we hope that the start of a new year gives you ample time to stop and reflect on 2016 and look ahead with anticipation for 2017 and the memories waiting to be made with your family. We hope that this new year brings you health and happiness, and maybe even a few new recipes you can add into your dinner time rotation! HappyCafe_NY2016graphic