Alleviate Stress This Thanksgiving

The kids are running around the kitchen, the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade is blaring on the TV, the dogs are barking as more and more family members start to arrive and, oh no, you smell something burning. Not the bread again! If you’ve been in this situation, like us, doesn’t that just make you giggle as that familiar picture is painted in your head?

Don’t get wrapped up in all the stress of cooking and preparing Thanksgiving dishes and miss out on all the time you have over the holiday to spend precious moments with family. This Thanksgiving, we’re offering several casseroles that will alleviate a large amount of holiday stress. So stop worrying about burning the rolls and read through our homemade, organic, pre-made items below:

  • Plain or Cheese Biscuits
  • Tomato Pies
  • Chicken BBQ
  • Caramel Cakes

If your mouth is watering and you’re dreaming of a stress-free holiday, that only means one thing: our casseroles are for YOU! Give us a call before the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to reserve your Thanksgiving meal, casserole or side dishes today! We can’t wait to provide your family with the recipes we’ve grown up eating and hope we can be a part of your new traditions this season! From everyone at the Happy Cafe, Happy Thanksgiving!