Summer: The season of picnics


Whether it’s a date night or a lunch outing with kids, picnics never tire of their nostalgic memories. At The Happy Cafe, we encourage picnics to the fullest. If you can’t stay, chat and eat at our cafe, we understand what a busy schedule can hold you back from. That’s why we have sandwich filings and sides conveniently made into to-go sizes. Not sure where to go? Here are a few suggestions around Columbia:

The Riverwalk
A beautiful scene with one of Columbia’s oldest natural features: The Congaree River!
Sesquicentennial State Park
A Sandhills hot-spot, “Sesqui” is a 1400-acre spacious, green getaway perfect for an afternoon picnic.
Congaree National Park
Complete with a large forest, hiking trails and creeks for canoeing and fishing, Congaree National Park is a perfect option for a full afternoon of outdoor fun and a beautiful backdrop for your picnic!

So give us a call, reserve your sides and fillings and plan a beautiful picnic for this Summer: (803) 787-8411. Be sure to tag us in your photos so we can know where you like to picnic!