Happy Mother’s Day!


I have so many fond memories with my mother but one is when she passes her passion for food to my children. My middle daughter, Eliza, loves to cook and especially loves to cook with Nana. Mom has shown Eliza how to make her homemade buttermilk biscuits. I don’t even know how to make them! I hope Eliza teaches me one day.


Working along side my mother is great. I’ve learned all I know from her. She taught me early on how to cook with your senses. Is the dish appealing to the eye? What herbs and spices are needed for
the recipe to smell right? Do the ingredients meld together and enhance a recipe? All of these should make the dish taste right.
Mom and I love working together. We¬†are a good balance for the cafe. We know when to give into each other’s needs. A work relationship is always a working relationship. You learn day by day how to make the next day better.
The Cafe is an extension of our family as well as those who work there. I would not have been able to balance work and home as well as I do with out our incredible staff. We support each other, motivate each other and love each other like a family. When we leave the cafe our focus is on our own family. God has blessed us all.
One of the joys of being a mom is watching my children figure out life. Even at young ages all four of them have different wants, needs and aspirations and I feel that it’s our job to send them is those directions as confident, loving individuals. They make me proud.