A Spin on a Classic: Fun Fall Caramel Memories

Fall is full of family time, good food, and making memories that warm your heart as the cold weather approaches. This season, we think you should have all of those things in one delicious activity! Whether you have little ones running around or need a fun date night to spruce up the normal routine, this activity is for all ages and skill levels: A caramel apple bar with Sue’s famous caramel!
Swing by and get a tub of homemade caramel from The Happy Cafe before you pick up your apples and ingredients. We chose granny smith and gala apples for a sweet and tangy variety! We also chose some of our favorite toppings: M&M’s, crushed walnuts, mini marshmallows, and crushed heath bar. You can choose any nut, seed or candy that tickles your fancy!
2015-09-10 11.11.28After laying out the ingredients, cutting up the apples, and warming up Sue’s homemade caramel, it’s time to dip the apples into the warm and delicious caramel before sprinkling on your toppings.
The next step is simple, but the most important instruction: enjoy the giggles from your children as they spill the caramel on the counter, laugh with your friends over the stories you tell while crushing up your ingredients, and love the opportunity you have to spend time with the ones you love the most during this yummy fall activity.